What clients and Thrive trainees say

Here is a video testimonial by Jen who recently overcame emetophobia in only 6 sessions at McArthur Hypnotherapy.

Here is Daniel who completed six sessions of The Thrive Programme.

Thrive is very good, sensible and straightforward. Lots of people could relate to this as it makes loads of sense.  Very down to earth.  I now realise that I can make the changes myself. Definitely made a huge difference in my life. If something challenging happens I can now choose how I think about it.

Mrs A from Stirling . Thrive for Anxiety and depression.

Where to start, I felt anxious and constantly out of control. Felt disassociated, like I was going mad. I couldn’t do anything on my own, I had lost all independence, was anxious driving and not sleeping. I was tearful all the time. I have now changed so much as a person. I’m coping better, looking at life differently. I understand my thinking now. I’ve hardly any anxiety now, from 10 down to 2 if even that.

Hannah age 25 Thrive for anxiety.

I just want to say thank you for the work you did with my Emma. When we first came to see you Emma had real anxiety and confidence issues. These had built up over a 3 year period and Emma had difficulty in attending school and meeting up with friends. Each day was a challenge for her as she always felt sick and this caused her to be anxious and caused panic attacks.

When we first spoke to you you said that Emma would feel better after 4 to 6 sessions and I had my doubts, but both Emma and I did feel that perhaps this was going to work. True enough after 6 sessions Emma is back to being her old self. She has gone into town with friends on the train, she has gone to the cinema, gone to parties, stayed over at a friends house and even been on holiday with another friend and had a fabulous time. 

All of these things are an everyday occurrence for most people, but were hugely challenging for Emma. We both feel so much better about her future and while things can still be challenging to her you have given her the tools to help move forward and every day we see improvements. Thank you.

Feedback from a mother of 14 year old girl with Emetophobia. (Fear of sickness) Completed Thrive programme.

Janey I really can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. You have genuinely changed my life, I feel like a different person, I have so much more energy than I used to, a greater sense of wellbeing. Friends and family have all commented saying that I look better and have more energy about me. Thanks for all your help.

Mr R. Thrive for anxiety

Before Thrive I was not able to eat in front of anyone and I wasn’t enjoying life in general. I now feel much more in charge of my life and eating out is no problem at all. I can eat anywhere with anyone. My social life is back on track. Having face to face sessions really helped.

Mr T. Completed  The Thrive Programme  for anxiety about being with friends and eating in restaurants.

I think it’s fantastic. My daughter has seen so many health professionals, including at a hospital and psychologists, at one point they wanted to section her but she is better now after 6 sessions of Thrive. I’ve just loved it.

Received from a mum of young teenager with Emetophobia
(note – previous diagnosis was OCD and Anorexia)

Thrive and the forever supportive Janey have challenged my way of thinking which has in turn allowed me to challenge and thereafter change my behaviours. The scientific quantification and evidence-based theories Thrive uses were very beneficial for me. Skepticism at the lightening fast results the Thrive programme produces may be rife in those of you looking into Rob Kelly's Thrive. Having completed the Thrive programme in full I can, hand on heart, admit that I myself had my own doubts which were very quickly and increasingly alleviated with each of my sessions with Janey. Thrive has no psychology jargon; it is an evidence-based programme delivered at a pace and in a way appropriate for those seeking to 'Thrive'. Furthermore, it is relayed beautifully by Janey in plain English and in a way which is relatable for the individual and makes for the working through of the programme entirely understandable and enjoyable.

If you had asked me this time last year if I could rid myself of over ten years worth of debilitating thoughts, feelings and associated symptoms in the space of 7 sessions of a programme I would not have believed it possible. Now that I have spent time with Janey and completed the Thrive programme I am feeling the best I have felt in years and truly believe anything is possible if only you put your mind to it.

The Thrive programme has completely changed how I view everything. I now understand the importance of perception and that I have the power and ability to be the own narrator, director AND leading lady in the story that is my own life. I feel that Thrive has helped me to start living again; and live I certainly intend to do!

Ms ST completed The Thrive programme. 7 sessions.