Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool which can be used to quickly change unwanted behaviours.


Hypnosis is a totally safe, natural method of treatment and has no unpleasant side effects. Hypnosis is a state of mind and contrary to popular belief hypnosis does allow you to remain conscious throughout. In fact, it gives you a heightened awareness of your surroundings. It is a state of deep relaxation and is very pleasant. At the end of the session you will remember all that has been said and you will either be calm and relaxed or some people feel alert and invigorated.

Within the hypnotic state one can by-pass the barriers to our inner thoughts and feelings, and suggestions are acted upon much more powerfully than is possible in a normal state of mind. The use of Hypnosis dramatically "speeds up" analysis, and similar results can be achieved in a few weeks as would be expected from a more conventional "1000 hour" analysis.

What does it feel like?

l use my voice to relax you and induce you into the hypnotic state. There is no such thing as a 'hypnotised feeling'. Your awareness is heightened and your senses are improved. You may notice certain sensations, for example you may experience a tingling on your face and maybe in your limbs. You may notice a heavy feeling or you may even feel like you are floating as if you are completely weightless. These sensations differ from person to person but always, always you will feel a deep and complete relaxation at a level that you probably have not experienced before.

Will I be aware of what's happening?

Whilst in the state of hypnosis your awareness is heightened. You will be fully aware of everything that you are experiencing, and will remember everything that has happened at the end of the session.

Types of hypnosis

I have been trained by the International Association of Hypno-analysts to use two different types of hypnotherapy – analytical and suggestion therapy:

Suggestion hypnosis

Suggestion hypnosis is very useful for issues such as exam nerves, fear of flying, nail biting, or to boost confidence. Normally only one session is required.

Stop smoking easily.

Using suggestion therapy, positive suggestions can be used so you feel calmer, more confident and more at ease. In those situations where you used to smoke you will feel more positive and in control. You can stop smoking in one 50 minute session.

Analytical therapy

Analytical therapy is simply one of the best psychological therapies available and is used to discover and remove the root cause of the symptom in a gentle, non-invasive and quick way. Analytical therapy is used to help with sexual or emotional problems

Typically after analysis people feel…

  • that a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders
  • more confident, full of energy and vitality
  • emotionally much more stable
  • happier with themselves.

Member of the International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy

The IAEBP is dedicated to the professional and ethical use of hypnosis. The Association is a non profit-making organisation whose members have followed an intensive and comprehensive course of training in Psychotherapy, Analysis and Hypnosis.

The IAEBP has a strict code of practice and ethics, that all members must abide by. All members are checked against the Department of Health's 'Protection of Children Act List System' (POCALS - the 'offender register') and have £2 million Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance. Every member undertakes to respect a client's confidentiality at all times.

Having trained and qualified with the IAEBP I have undertaken continued professional development, by way of training seminars, annual IAEBP conference's and private research. I have also undergone my own training therapy.

Check out the IAEBP website at www.evidencebasedpsychotherapy.com